We Help Growers Worry Less
The Semios platform is a powerful tool in yield improvement that enables growers to assess and respond to insect, disease and plant health conditions in real-time. Semios is the leader in on-site sensing, big data and predictive analytics solutions for perennial agricultural crops.Network Coverage Of Your Ranch Enables 24/7 Monitoring of Insect, Disease and other Conditions Necessary for Optimum Yield
Full Orchard Network Coverage
Our patented network solution ensures we provide total coverage of your orchard.
Direct Line to Cell Providers
We provide coverage and reliability with local cellular network providers so you don’t have to.
Control Center
Every orchard network is monitored by Semios’ Control Centre to maintain a high level of uptime and performance.
We’re watching when you can’t. Our Field Services team provides support right in your orchard to ensure the highest performance in the industry.

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