FoodSafe Analyzers

Real-Time Analysis of Produce, Grains, Meats & Dairy Products

Real-Time Biophysical & Biochemical Quality Analysis

The FoodSafe Analyzers provide a fully integrated, real-time food quality analysis tool. The integration of cutting-edge hardware and software technology allows for non-destructive quantitative and qualitative measurements of fresh food products. Your desired biochemical and biophysical quality metrics are extracted and analyzed using advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Our team of food scientists and engineers will train the algorithms to help achieve the business outcomes you desire.

Shelf-Life Prediction & Decay Curves

Savormetrics’ devices and algorithms accurately predict decay curves, providing an estimate of the remaining shelf-life of food products. Combining this information with your custom thresholds, the software assists with:

  • Smart buying practices,
  • Smarter inventory management,
  • Smart pricing practices,
  • Supply & demand predictions

This results in reduction in spoilage expenses and an increase in revenue.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

This is the “brain” of all of our systems. We apply our advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to:

  • Develop new, more meaningful food quality metrics,
  • Develop taste metrics,
  • Predict shelf-life,
  • Predict best time to harvest,
  • Predict ripening processes,
  • Predict yields for food processing applications,
  • Identify contaminants,
  • Track the movement of foods and predict it’s impact on quality metrics through the food supply chain,
  • Develop efficient grading classifications

Business Decision Support Software

Savormetrics’ software translates your data into meaningful business knowledge for you.  We will work with your staff to identify meaningful quality thresholds to meet your business needs.

You and your staff will not need to waste time on interpreting scientific data.  Data will be presented in a customized manner that provide decision-making support to your staff along your supply chain.  A workflow element is incorporated into the decision support software design allowing for seamless integration into your business process.  These elements may include task tracking, alerts, red flags and reporting.

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