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Get your own high-tech crystal ball and see the future of your greenhouse operations with artificial intelligence. You can now automate harvest yield estimates and disease scouting and gain insights into growing conditions that cause skin cracking and blemishes in vegetables. Using your greenhouse data, we will develop custom-made AI automation technology that will only work at your business. There’s no need to purchase costly equipment or sensors, or make significant changes to your business operations; we provide turn-key technology solutions that never disrupt workflows in your tomato or pepper greenhouse.
Our AI services provide you with automated harvest yield forecasts twice more accurate than the time-intensive methods you use today. You benefit from abilities to better plan marketing, labour and operations by knowing the accurate amount of vegetables you will produce weeks in advance. Automating this task saves over 1.5 days of work a week for each employee that used to occupy their time making weekly harvest estimates. With automated crop disease scouting, you can identify greenhouse zones experiencing environmental stress (e.g., dryness, high temperatures) that make your crops at risk for whitefly or clavibacter pests. Now you can intervene before an epidemic occurs and solve the problem using fewer pesticides and sacrificing fewer plants. Forget seeking advice from costly consultants: our newest service (in beta) uses AI to assess your growing conditions in order to highlight key factors that cause skin cracking and blemishes in tomatoes. Prevent harvest loss and optimize your growing conditions faster using our world-first agriculture technology.
Our technologies specialize in large-scale hydroponic tomato and pepper production; we seek additional greenhouse clients to expand our services to cucumber and cannabis producers. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Founded in 2016, Motorleaf’s head office resides in Montreal, Canada, a world-leading innovation centre for artificial intelligence. We serve customers around the globe and have clients in Japan, Canada, USA and Europe.

Learn more about our services on our blogsee a recent press release about our automated harvest yield forecasts at the leading industry publication, HortiDaily, and this press release about our partnership with Cultilene to bring our AI technology to the world of greenhouse growing.
And here you can view a video testimonial from our customer and leading tomato produce in California, SunSelect Produce.
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Investors provided millions in funding to help us develop our technology, which includes support from Radicle Growth, Desjardins Bank and Fluxunit of Osram. Would you like to learn more about investing in Motorleaf? Please send your request to 

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