FORMVERSE is a unique and powerful Enterprise Automation Platform. Both internal and external users can interact with FORMVERSE no-code applications to automate any number of Enterprise process challenges.

Users can interact with FORMVERSE applications using any browser on any device.  Users can also access these applications directly from within their email, if desired. No matter how users choose to interact with applications, all data, metadata, and attachments are automatically stored in the FORMVERSE database. Once there, application data can be integrated bi-directionally into and out of the customer’s other enterprise applications, such as ERP’s, CRM’s, HRIS, Financial and Audit Systems, Ticketing Systems, and many others.

Authorized users can access real-time reporting using both the FORMVERSE Web App or existing email platform (Outlook, O365, Gmail/Gsuites etc.). The applications can even be configured to enable external users to interact with applications.  Those external users could include: vendors, suppliers, partners, customers, prospective customers, regulators, etc.  The uses for FORMVERSE applications are limitless.

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