Effigis Geo-Solutions (Effigis) has been a leader in geospatial information for more than 25 years. It designs innovative solutions for organizations world-wide, whose operational effectiveness rely on the analysis of geo data. The Company serves numerous industries, including telecommunications, energy, aerospace, mining, oil and gas, engineering, forestry, and precision agriculture. It draws from a vast selection of geospatial data collection tools to provide services ranging from satellite image analysis to the development of custom solutions supporting land mapping, field operations, asset management, and cable network monitoring.

Precision Agriculture

Multiply your agricultural yields. Display of various crops, fertilizer management applications, vegetation indexes production: these are just a few examples where geolocated information helps maximize decision making so you can improve your crop yields.

Solutions for Agriculture

Satellite Imaging, OnPoz, Satellite Image Interpretation and Processing, Land Management Information, FieldApex

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