The key to knowing the exact conditions of your crops is to include Understory’s ground-truth weather data. Farmers are faced with a myriad of weather-related issues when it comes to their crops. Too much rain can delay planting and harvesting whereas too little rain means dry crops and potentially fields with no crop at all. Understory’s revolutionary weather stations provide you with key weather data to help you maximize crop yields.

In order to avert these weather based challenges, there’s a new tool that farmers can use to maximize crop yields. Understory has developed hyper-local weather data that will allow those in the agricultural industry to know the exact weather conditions in their crops.

There is a dramatic difference between weather satellites, radar, and Understory’s weather monitoring networks. Traditional weather satellites are needed to forecast broad patterns which is critical to the agricultural industry. But, traditional weather satellites are about 35,000 km above the surface of our planet and in order to know what’s going on in your crops, farmers need weather information that is hyper-local. Knowing the exact conditions of your crops is what matters to you. Understory captures the densest data, going from broad observations over kilometers to precise observations down to 100 meters. Each of our sensors is taking 3000 measurements per second on everything from rainfall and hail to wind speeds, temperature, heat index and much more. Farmers that use Understory’s revolutionary weather sensors know what’s going on in their fields no matter where they are.

This type of weather data and analytics is only available through Understory’s revolutionary weather monitoring networks. Understory is a new way of knowing about the weather by knowing the true story under the clouds.

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