Resson combines the latest advancements in computer vision, machine learning and big data analytics to provide growers with actionable insights using their field data. Since the inception in 2013, our primary mission has been to empower growers with the digital tools to enable use of their field data to make better informed decisions and improve productivity from every acre of their farm. The predictive analytics solution from Resson goes beyond NDVI maps derived from satellite and drone imagery to virtually scout every part of the field to detect, classify and geo-locate specific anomalies, pests and diseases. We provide a simple and intuitive cloud-based platform to help better manage yields, crop inputs and agronomy decisions. We work with strategic partners and third-party service providers to bring complete, scalable end-to-end solution to the growers.  Resson is a fast-growing company, with field operations across four continents, diverse geographies and multiple crops.

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