Through nearly a decade of research, we understand how microbes work in nature before they adapted to heavy fertilizer use. We take that knowledge and enable these naturally-occurring microbes to work as nature intended again.

There are microbes existing today that have the capability to produce nitrogen, but decades of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer use have silenced this natural ability. At Pivot Bio, we are re-discovering these microbes and their natural ability to sustainably feed plants. We find these microbes by scouring thousands of U.S. soil samples to find good plant partners – microbes that grow robust colonies – and have the capacity to produce nitrogen. We have pioneered a way to re-awaken these microbes’ natural ability to produce nitrogenase even in today’s highly fertilized fields. Our approach is non-transgenic and enables these microbes to spoon feed nitrogen to the plant daily. Our science has the potential to one day replace the need for synthetic nitrogen fertilizer for cereal crops.

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