Carptor Inc. has launched a new downloadable mobile application product known as Carptor; along with a complimentary website, to empower consumers to search and display key information on local food markets, products and services while at the same time enabling local food markets and vendors to promote their products and services back to consumers.

The focus of Carptor is to provide consumers with timely information on local, fresh produce available in their geographic area within the context of a mobile downloadable application that has full GPS capability.  A complimentary internet website also has a presence at

Carptor is designed as a marketplace maker – matching consumers interested in fresh food with local produce markets and vendors.  Carptor has the capability to categorize and aggregate food vendors across sectoral categories such as farmers markets, farms, wineries, grocers, etc. while at the same time being capable of searching for specific food products and services all within the context of geographic location via GPS software.

Carptor searches its own proprietary source database to provide detailed vendor and product information outputs to the consumers.  Vendors will voluntarily register with Carptor to upload and maintain their key product, service and contact information on the Carptor database. Database registration is offered free of charge to all vendors.

To summarize Carptor has three key functions:

  • Functional marketplace tool with integrated search and location features
  • Promotional tool for food product and service vendors
  • Utility tool for consumers

The key to Carptor’s initial success lies in attracting a significant critical mass of food product and service vendors across major markets in Canada and the USA while at the same time attracting the critical mass of consumers downloading and using the mobile app on a regular basis.

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