About CPMA’s Produce Innovation Initiative

The produce industry operates within a highly competitive global marketplace, growing, storing, selling, transporting and merchandising highly perishable fresh products. The sector continually strives to innovate and change to meet industry demands and consumer expectations by improving supply chain efficiencies, logistics, packaging, waste reduction and addressing primary issues including (but not limited to): inputs for production, environment (soil, water etc.), labour, energy. Our industry has seen significant strides in Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Precision Agriculture, Big Data and the Internet of Things.

This innovation hub has been established to foster a collaborative setting which supports innovation and disruptive technologies for the long term viability of the industry. This taste of disruption strategy for the produce industry works to connect new and emerging innovations to enable sector growth and new business opportunities.

The CPMA network represents over 1300 companies within the supply chain from around the world. By contributing your idea, tool, product or concept to this hub you will be connecting with thought leaders and business drivers in the Canadian and Global fresh fruit and vegetable sector.